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Since we've had so many new owners asking what they need to keep their dogs running strong, here are some links and recommendations for you to keep that dog acting right!:D

All or most of your torque values are here:

How to read your EHC fault lights here:

You'll need a bike lift or jack and here's some info to help you decide:

Disclaimer: Here's what is being used (mostly) here. Specific brands are up to the individual owner and you will likely get as many opinions as people you ask! Use the search feature to get some additional opinions but in the end, the decision is yours.
Brake: Dot 5 (brand up to you)
Motor: Mobile 1 (recommended by S&S, who makes your motor) or Amsoil are the most popular synthetic oils being used here.
Trans: Spectro (recommended by Baker, who makes your tranny) but Redline ShockProof Heavy is also pretty good. Specific brand up to you.
Primary: Revtech is a good brand but specific brand, again, up to you.

Here's a link to an old oil thread:

Here's a link to the How-To Section that covers general maintenance and several mods:
How-To - BIG DOG Motorcycle Forums

Electrical 'Tips of the Week':

Spark Plugs:

- Get familiar with your bike.

- READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL. Some may laugh but it DOES tell you how to check your fluids and shift your bike and where some components are located.

- Remove reflectors and downtube stickers 'to taste'.

- Do a thorough pre-ride check before taking off for anywhere.

- Pressure washers (split washers), star washers and loctite are your friends! Make sure you have enough of all on your bolts that work themselves loose from time to time.

- Keep some zip ties handy (especially) when on the road.

- Don't run your bike with the enricher on! (I don't use it at all!) just a few twists of the throttle should get her going (depending where you live).

- Put your bike on a battery tender (YES you need one) when you're not riding it. (member MadDog can get you one).

- Make sure you use dielectric grease inside all of your connectors.
"Dielectric grease is designed to insulate, lubricate and protect electrical fittings. It protects against salt, dirt, moisture intrusion and stray current in electrical connections."

- No high-pressure washing your bike. In particular, your hand-grip electronics don't like water squeezing in there.

- Check the how-to's for shrink-wrapping your under tank wiring.

- K&P oil filter (again MadDog). It is a reusable mesh oil filter that, depending on how many miles you plan to ride your bike, will pay for itself quickly.
High Performance Oil Filters

- K&N air filter.

- Dyna Beads. Balance your tires and get rid of those ugly weights. Member bdmridgeback sells them:

- Cruise-Mate. Member cruise-mate (Don) sells this great product.

- Make sure you have an inch/lbs and a foot/lbs torque wrench.

- Service manual

- S&S SSW+ manual

- Big Dog Troubleshooting Diagram: (attached below)

- TQ wrenches 3/8 and 1/2

- Long allen wrenches and sockets

- Spark plug gaper

- Magnetic extension for all the bolts you will drop

- Reliable air guage and check your tire pressures weekly (pressure values are in your owners manual).

- 10mm wrench to check your battery lugs weekly.

- Mother's powerball attachment to polish all the aluminum. Polish choice is up to you but here's a thread on it.

**READ, READ, READ!!!**---Use the search function of this forum. It is highly unlikely that you will be asking something, regarding routine maintenance, that hasn't already been covered. But if you ARE STUCK, don't hesitate to post up. Many Big Dogs are back on the road today thanks to our own members.

- Become one with the technical section of this forum. It will save your ass!:D Between your service manual and the technical section here, it's all pretty much covered. 'Finding neutral', loose clutch nuts to proper belt tension and proper warm up information. YOU MUST READ THIS STUFF!

**Your 1st post here should be an intro with some info about you and some pics of your new dog!:D :2thumbs: :D

FINALLY - Before you guys/gals start thinking that I'm some Big Dog 'Ninja', all this information is brought to you courtesy of the membership here and their contributions to this site based on their experiences...ENJOY!:cheers:



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Thanks for the info. Some links have error message but one can probably access the info by doing a search on the forum. Now is there a way to save this post so I don't need to look for it when needed?

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This is an older thread, so a lot was lost in the transition, to the new format. Some one needs to stat a new thread and redo this. It's nice to have all this great info in one place like this. I'm going to be gone for a few days, and with probably forget by the time I get back.