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I'm still green on Big Dogs but I'm doing lots of research and you guys have helped me alot. Can we see some pics that you guys have of Vintage Dogs. I guess mine falls into that category also cause mines a 2003. Just want to see what all is out there.
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Hi guys, all these bikes are just awesome. I own a 2001 Husky that would love to rebuild. Where can I find parts online to replace some old ones? I am from the Dominican Republic and dont have many options here so would love to find online stores that cary parts for Vintage big dogs. Thanks.

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Hey Jeff where did you get your peg and grip set? I really like those
I picked up the bike as seen in the pics, so I'm not sure where parts were sourced, or the true brands. I've searched for the grips and the only type I've seen that matches is the Jaybrake Factor. The pegs I've seen listed on ebay as BDM pegs, so maybe they were an option at the time of initial purchase. They're all pricey; the grips are ~$150, I've seen the pegs for $200/pair.