Transmission malfunction


I got my transmission in the mail to Baker drivetrain I hope I get back real soon cuz I don't feel like pulling the tranny out of the 06 and putting it in the 07. It was a lot of work. But if the 06 has American Steel in it for that main shaft then I probably will because if they're using China Steel now and they're going to put it into the '07 then I'll reconsider. Cuz I don't want that main shaft breaking on me and have to pull that tranny for a third time. LOL. I'll probably need some more help when I get ready to put it back together.

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You ever get it back together??
Baker Drivetrain should have the answer for you. Also I hope they had some sort of warranty on the trans they rebuilt for you. If not maybe a discount on rebuild #2. Let us know if you think their customer service is good or bad. Good Luck
Baker Drivetrain did send all new gaskets, bearings, clutch basket and etc to me. They also rebuilt the tranny with all new parts this time. I'm trying to get them to cover the expenses the second time for labor and shipping which came to about $1, 250.00 that I shouldn't have to pay twice. They are saying that they don't warranty labor or shipping. I told them that the mechanic who reused my main drive shaft really needs to start thinking. I told him he could have killed me if I would have been going down the freeway at 80 miles an hour and that main shaft broke because he used a used one when they rebuilt my tranny and I wasn't very happy about that.

And no I have not finished rebuilding my bikes yet. I'm getting on my raw aluminum chromed on one of them and then a paint job on the other.

It's been almost a year since I've been able to ride a decent ride without something breaking down. So these two bikes going to be like brand spanking new when I'm done here the end of this month.

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