Touch Up Paint

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Does anybody know how or where to get touch up paints for the big dogs that match.

I am looking to find some candy apple red for my 09 K-9.

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Bright Kandy Red
House of Kolor
Base Coat BC-11
Top Coat UK-11

Wax & Grease remover 320/sx7005
Water Bourne Cleaner DX103

Black Epoxy Primer DPL90
Epoxy Primer Catalyst DP902lf

High Build Primer K-38
HB Primer Catalyst K201

White Sealer NCS2003
Gray Sealer NCS2004
Black Sealer NCS
Sealer Catalyst NCS2200

Clear Coat

Clear for production parts Global 2021
Speed Clear for repairs DC3000/4000
SC Hardner DC3085

Buffing Compound
1st 3M Perfect it 6063
2nd 3M Perfect it 6071


I just wanta ride
If your bike is Blue "Midnight Sapphire" with house of colors vibrant the color is no longer available. But your painter can match went to local PPG and was giving the news. Again no biggie if you got a good painter they can match it up.