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You might have some problems with your bike ? with the exception of the mirrors "I'm not looking behind me at that speed so the blurry vision is of no concern" Your feet want to come off the pegs cause your in a 100mph wind Hang on Dam it!!!! ..your teeth are chattering cause ..well if you fall off wearing just a tee shirt you know your about to get fucked up:lol::lol: A shot or two of liquid bravery will take care of most of your problems . My 07 will shake a bit going into turns in the triple digits could be just the nature of the extended front end? Just grab another gear don't really want to spend your golden years in the old folks home with some snot nose wiping your ass do you? :lol:


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And this is why I enjoy riding with you. Maybe my dogs can do 110 but I will never know. Totally 45 & backroads kinda guy.
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I used to have a 1200 Suzuki to would go. I let go of the handlebars on the interstate at 130, smooth as silk. My son in law had a crouch rocket I used to take it out and wind it up. I was on it one day, had been in it pretty hard. I went by a road back in the country still in it some. The street sign said "GraveYard Road"! I let off the throttle and took it back home, never got on it again. The other day coming home from Camden at Mr. Knothead's I eased into it a little over 90 mph, still had plenty. I 'm with Mickmorris on this one 35 ~ 45 back grounds is about all I wana do now days. You can ask Knothead, I have enough scars, plates and broken bones for this life time.. :)
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Whe I returned from Iraq in 1991 I was a 145 lb 20 yr old US Army Paratrooper and major adrenaline junkie who thought buying a 1991 Kawasaki ZX-11 was a brilliant idea since it was the fastest street bike at the time. Magazine tests reported top speed of a stock tuned ZX-11 to be 187 MPH on the radar gun and 192 MPH indicated on the speedometer. I made alot of passes where at 55 MPHI would drop from 6th gear to 2nd. Magazine test riders were seeing 2nd gear speeds of 78 indicated at the red line on tach I would twist the right grip to WFO and let the clutch lever go resulting in front tire going skyward and stay that way as I would run through the next 3 gears and let the front drop as I shifted back into 6th. Speedometer never indicated a number lower than 155 MPH as the front end came back down. The Dunlop up front is now experiencing physical forces needed as if it was doing a nearly instantaneous 0 to 100+ MPH launch. The Dunlop rubber up front lets out a chirp and puff of smoke as it fights to gain 100% grip. Me and the rest of the bike encounter enough inertial force as the Dunlop up front "catches up" to cause the forks to compress enough to allow lower cowling to scrape the road as we wait for the "slow poke" up front catch up to our speed.

When I took my bike for it's 3000 mile oil change. My dealer gave me shit for doing high speed wheelies. I tried to play dumb and asked what he meant. He replies about how mechanic pointed out the scrapes on the lower cowl that look like it was grinding on pavement and pointed out how with just a mile past 3000 the tread pattern of the Dunlop tire up front showing a "reversed cupping pattern" with anot .005" more wear on the leading edges of the tread at each rain groove caused by the tire needing to do these intantaneos accelerations of 100+ MPH. He saud normal people wear out a rear tire faster than the front, but I would be buying front tires more often as well as fork seals, fork valves and lower cowls if I kept doing high speed rear wheel only passes.
Now I'm a 53 year old adrenaline junkie and am literally "twice the man" I was in 1991.... actually slightly more than twice the man since I now tip the scales @ 301.3 lbs. I can't thing of a time ever that my dog has walked on her hind legs. She does see alot more slippage in the back and the 300 Avon shows nearly 60% wear while front still has the little "hairs" that new tires commonly have from the manufacturing process and eventually these hairs wear away. My buddy will pace me when the let the Dog bark While stretching her legs " He tells me "I'm doing almost twice the maximum posted 75 MPH on Montara interstates.
He claims his speedo reads 130 on his ZX-6R Kawasaki as he is pacing my speed in the adjacent lane.