Took the ole scooter for a short ride Saturday ,,,

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After work Saturday, weather was nice and I took the ole scooter out for a spin. Filled the tank up and went for it. I did notice after the putting the renegade battery in it, about the 3rd crank, it is running like I rode it the day before. Usually after sitting a while , it coughs, sputters and farts about a mile then like it takes off. There was none of this at all! It ran great no issues at all, even though I did not get on the interstate, just back roads riding 40 -50 with a few get on it's. I did notice I might be riding too much,,,, it is showing a little over 15,000 miles on it...
Oh, I did wipe it down with Gritos speed shine, a friend of mine puts on his solid black truck. I tried it on my truck as well , and I like it. Finally got the CNC router dialed in after go back to square one, and start all over again. Making noise , sawdust, and enjoying every minute of it.
Anyway, I had a real good friend to past on this weekend after having back surgery,, possible blood clot. He was one the hardest working men I have ever been around anywhere, and that kind of friend to us as well. When I got he call I was in the process of staining wood, several pieces actually, for another idea I had. I went in search of something to carve for his wife and all his family. What a time to have just minutes before got the CNC dialed in dead nuts. This was the first carving front and back on a piece of pine one inch thick, 16" long, 11.5" tall. Me thinks it turned out pretty good. Oh, and my friend I know He believed in Jesus, and I know He was my friend like everyone needs in their lives. I will miss Him but I can look back on our friendship and smile.

Hope you all enjoy my babbling, Oh, I have now got my garage off the main house electric box and it has 3-20 amp circuits running everything in the garage, and really cool led lights where the old guy can see what he is doing,, :)
Have a great week everyone ,
God Bless you all ,


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Ray its the little things that matter. Your friend is very lucky to have had a friend like you!
Larry was a master plumber,,, a note to the younger folks that might read this.. He was always a work horse, and abused his body in his trade. His hands were beat up, back and knees were shot. Note to anyone and everyone ,, take care of yourself while you can,,, the aches and pains will catch up you, and you will be too old to outrun them, and medication won't fix everything.
I was blessed to have Larry as my friend, and I know how to braze copper too:) . He was always a friend I knew I could count on, or just go hang out with when he was not working, always fun to hang around.

Thank you everyone , ,,