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I've already talked to knot head, and he agreed to let me go ahead and steal his thunder on the title. I don't know who let the cat out of the bag when we was at Dave's, but the wife knows. Of course she's a pretty smart girl and it's possible she finally figured it out on her own.
Anyway for those who haven't heard I'm going to build my wife a bike this winter. It'll be a slow start because I am so busy right now. But I'm sure I can get out here in the evenings and get her done.
I came across a Titan. It's a little hardtail with a 111 S&S engine. This bike is so light, and has so much power, it was a handful for me to handle. So I picked up an 03 Mastiff frame, to make it heavier, and a Softail.
I'll post as I do something.



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Lmao your wife is right you do got dementia lol....this bike is the one Shannon is talking apart to use the motor and trans off of it for the 03 mastiff he is going to build for know i got to pick at you Cary


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The odd ball thing they did was put the rotor and pulley on the same side. I can't remember if the pulley and rotor was machined all one piece? I just remember the massive axle spacer on the right side, just looked like something was missing.

They probably did it to keep the right side clean, Left side matters too! haha

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Everybody keeps asking if I let her ride that hardtail before I tear it down. I was a little nervous about it, but I know how cautious she is. So on the way home from church today I said hey you want to take that hardtail for a ride for I tear it apart. She was all over that, like stink on poop.