Swing arm spacers and adjustment 05 Chopper


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I have an 05 BDM chopper that I am building from the ground. I am putting the swingarm back and the spacers do not seem right. I have a service manual for it but nowhere in the SM does it cover the swingarm (it also may be that my download of the SM was not complete). I have two spacers each a different size, and the fatty goes on the left side of the bike. BUT there is still about a 1/16 or 1/8 inch gap and the bolds seem to be grounding. I DID NOT put torque to it, and wanted to check my resources first. Is this a case of tighten it down (anyone know where the torque specs are at for this if that is the case?) and or do I just take up the slack. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rick

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The spacers should screw on the shaft to adjust the length of the shaft


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Read posts out of order, my swing arm axel has a screw fitting to take the slack out of the axel. There are still 2x 1/2 -3/4 inch gaps between the swing arm and chassis. Due to the offset for the drive belt (right side) I guessed that the larger of the two spacers goes on the left side. Some more shots. I am hoping I am making a beginners mistake.