Solo Seat for 04 Chopper


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Does anyone know what other seats will fit my 04 Chopper RT?

Or does BDM sell a replacement seat?

I bought an 04 Chopper with Rolling Thunder frame but the seat is about 2 inches short. If I snug the seat forward there is a gap between the suction cups and the rear fender. If I push the seat back where the cups touch the fender the front sits so far back that it doesn't attach and you can lift the front. So I need to get a proper seat and it looks like I may have to buy a new one as I haven't been able to find a used seat. Any ideas who sells a seat for these? I tried BDM website but it only showed the 2 up seat and I want to stay with the solo seat.

Thanks in advance!!!
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Solo Seat

I called my closest dealer(Nashville); they checked Factory stock and they had one in stock for my 2002 Husky which I got in less than a week. I immediately shipped to Seatmaker for gel and custom work. Anyway I said all this to say the factory will probably have one, course you might find one on EBAY but I did not.


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I placed a call to my closest dealer and am waiting for a reply. I plan on having mine sent out too so would like to avoid buying a new one and just tearing it apart... I'm also considering just making a fiberglass seat pan and sending that in to get covered. Oh well we'll see... Does anyone have any kind of cross reference for part numbers to see if another model seat will fit mine?

Anyway thanks alot for the info!


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Is there a cross reference for what parts fit multiple models? It sure would come in handy... Thanks and I'll see if I can find out.