Sissy bar struts


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Anyone have specs for sissy bar struts for a 2004 big dog ridgeback. I have the back pad but was going to try to have a machinist fabricate struts and possibly the due to cost.

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Jersey Big Mike

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I love my Ginz sisybar and lugguage rack. Wasn't cheap but worth it.
Also they custom did it to my specs and talked me out of things that would have added cost and no benefit.
They also called when what we discussed just didn't look right and suggested a small change (which I agreed to).

For me the stock BDM luggage rack is too small.
I had one from WSW but got the one parallel to fender -- It looked GREAT but with heavy loaded luggage it tended to place excess load in the luggage straps (actually broke few -- never lost anything though)

So it was wait til WSW had more of their's in or get a different setup entirely and go TALLER!