Remote Start Switch


My BigDog
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Remote start not a good idea. How about a keyless start activated with a fob? Like the newer Harley's.


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I had a remote master shut off on my slammer as it was keyless. Basically a remote switch in lieu of key switch. It worked well.


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Here at We Splice It Nice Fabricators Anonymous, don't tell you where we hide the never losing fob, high dollar wifi, reset key my lost fob oh shit out of stock? I'll connect you to a shipping container, please hold. Ours comes with a mount, key with key switch, shrink-tube sits just off the back of the key switch to show wires that lead to nowhere.

Slam button says where is my toggle switch to go hot to trot? If you don't like carrying a set of keys as you fake the yank out of them to show everyone to pick my lock, key in pocket. I saw that! Then, try our crank sensor with a door hinge on it; carry the cup with a quick release, set it where the PROUD sits and when you stand up from the table, she'll be watching. The new, Shetriever! Never retrieve your bike from impound again, if not see it again. Disclaimer: Not liable for the train wrecks you bring home with cuppy.