Problem with downshifting


The Flying Dutchman
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After a few miles riding I could not downshift anymore, the shiftpedal would not go downwards. Only when I put my feet under the pedal to make it a little upwards I could downshift once, upwards again and downshift again. What could be the cause of this?
After we had a drink and rode again there was no problem anymore but today in a short ride the problem came back....

Mr. Wright

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Two things come to mind. One, you have a bearing going out, or two, you shift spool has come loose.
Where the shift lever is on the trans, next to it is a nut with a set screw in the middle of it. DO NOT loosen it, but put a wrench on it and see if if is tight.
If it is, pull the drain plug and see if there is any metal in it.
Clutch nut might be coming loose too, but not really thinking that at this time.

Jersey Big Mike

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Or check for something stupid -- I had a loose nut fall into the area with the linkage -- didn't act up for 1000+ miles.
Grabbed a paper clip bent it and removed it and rode the rest of the time trouble free!


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sorry going off memory, but didn't people have problems like this when the hemi joint would be going bad. I think that's what it is called. it is the ENDS on the rod that is between the shift pedal and the linage from trans. that runs down the side of the motor just above the primary. they get shift and will not let the shift work properly. the ends of the long rod at the bottom of the cyl. that runs from the front to the back of the two cyl.s in the picture

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