Post up your Ginz Custom Sissy Bars


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I would post mine but it is being made and won't be here for a while :)

Let's see what y'all em up :chopper:

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These are from Ray Atwood on his KMW
Had Gin (pronounced like Gin & Tonic) build me a custom sissybar and custom fender that came out real nice. I saw a couple of you guys builds while in there. The guys do real sharp work. First thing I did was sit down with them and tell them what I wanted. I was looking to do a custom bar but liked the Dragon Tail bar they do. So picked the length (I went with Tall) and then choose the built-in luggage rack and heavy duty clamps. (No clamps required for 05 and newer)
For the fender I decided to match the Dragon Tail to it and extended it about 8 in. Painter had a hard time matching paint, never could get the paint code from BDM. But all came out good and they even delivered my bike to me from LA. I did receive a matching backrest to go with it. Just haven't gotten around to mounting it yet through the backpack. Expensive but done right.

Here are some of the pictures.

Here is a picture of my old original clamp that the bolt broke in, you can see its smaller then the new one. ( For all the new guys info, my bike if a 2014 KMW Regulator which is the first bikes the new BD built till they could use the real name again.)


I like how the legs are much shorter and flows more with the rear fender than the BDM sissy bars I’m anxious to get mine.