Post a pic of your sissy bar please

Energy One


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I have been looking around for different types of Sissy bars for my bagger and came across this one here... I really like the way it works but I would have to get brackets that work. I know Ginz makes brackets for the BD Bagger but this sissy bar would be to narrow I think since the bagger has a 250 tire. So any of you guys see a way to make this work. Thanks for any ideas.


Jersey Big Mike

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That is a very cool setup. Very practical.

Me I'm a fan of tall sissy bars. Had an 18" from BDM, sold it and got a 25" from Ginz which as some know, cracked on me on my way to BB&BBQ -- awaiting new one from Ginz as we speak.

As for Ginz as a company, I can't say enough positive things about them. I bought my 25" Catherdral bar with custom luggage rack welded on in 2016 -- they are covering the damage I just sustained 3yrs later. My hats off to Gary (Gin) this is truly customer support.