Poll for tire sizes for WSW luggage rack

WHat tire size would you need the luggage rack for

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In an effort to better serve everyone we want to get a count of those seriously interested in the luggage rack and the tire size they would need it for.


Great looking luggage rack.....:2thumbs::2thumbs:

Wow 41 hits and no response geez.....I already have a rack....


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I got one as well.

But 250's and 300's will be the most required. There are less of the 280 and 330 out there in the market. Not sure if it's feasible for you guys to stock the 250 & 300 and then have a custom order avail for the 280 or 330?


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What about fender struts? My buddy wants a bar for his 250. I would recommend you to him, but he got quoted for around 450 dollars for struts for his 06 ridge. Prices him out of the market.


Don't have one / need one, want one, gotta get a 18" sissy bar first/ Too/ Also!
shitty at find'n one or gett'n answers from folks that are sell'n em.