Overtightened primary drain plug

So I went to drain my primary and realized the drain plug was so overtightened from the last guy that it's stripped. Is this going to cause some issues in the near future? How do I get it out of there?
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Well you should be able to get it out with an easy out and the threads are probably fine.

I'm guessing your saying that the plug is stripped. BTW it's actually a T30 star bit...not an Allen key

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Access is an issue. On mine, we put it on a lift, secured the front end, and jacked up the rear end until we could get at it, and used a hammer to drive in either a star or an Allen. That worked.
I think someone on this forum described a time when he had to lay his bike on a blanket on the grass outside in order to get at the underside...it sure would give you an advantage over trying to get it out with only four inches between the plug and the ground.


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Jack the bike up enough to get a drill under it. Use a 1/8th drill bit and very carefully drill up thru the center of the plug. Then you can screw it out with an easy out. A right angle drill motor works really well.hope this helps. If you use this method flush the primary with a little oil before putting the new plug in. Most of the chips will or should hang on the magnet attached to the top of the plug.


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Do you like guru said it is a lot easier. On a side note, If the threads are messed up and you decide to put a pipe plug in it be very careful. The pipe plug is tapered and will crack the housing if you over tighten. Try to stick with the original o-ring design.


A much easier job than screwed up threads. Like some suggest above, take the cover off and work on it while on a bench. A drill and an easy out will have that plug out in no time. New plug can be had from Donna.


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Order a new plug from wild steed werx. A large easy-out will turn that out of there. I found one that's just a bit larger than the hole, tapped it in there gently and then turned it out and replaced the plug. It's got a torque spec of like 16ftlbs or something like that--it's really low. You just need to set that plug, not tighten the crap out of it.