Older Dogs getting any love here?


Taming The Bulldog!
Bear with me......new guy here. :)

I know on the old site, there was a section for "OLDER DOGS"....something like pre-2001.....

is there a section here for us who have some oldies but goodies?

I've got a 2000 Bulldog that gives me occasional fits but I love it to death.

I'm compiling a list of things that have gone wrong and have-been/need-to-be fixed.

Would like to see other's experiences and New Tricks with the Ol' Dogs.


Hey, I think the older dogs were great! I've aquired quite a bit of technical info on the older dogs, have all of the older service and owners manuals and other bits of nice to know information to keep the older dogs running.

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Yeah Bama made that section trying to win back the forum.. but it was gone and dead...


:flag: Welcome,2001 Prosport and I luv those rubber mounts.:2thumbs: :2thumbs: Woody
Rubber mounts were the type of bikes that BDM started with! Too bad they traded comfort for "curb appeal"! Not sure what curb appeal means other than looks good sitting along side the curb.


we have lots of parts and are very familiar with the older dog's if you ever need any help with them feel free to ask