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Hello all....been a while since I have been on here. Hope you all are well.

Two years ago I had a bad motor plate bearing on my 3” BDL open primary. Took everything off and then had a severe medical issue that caused my work to abruptly stop. I fogged it, took it off my lift, and covered it. It sat as is on the kickstand ever since. I noticed a few months after parking it that oil was leaking out from behind my stator rotor. I have a feeling this is not good, so I guess I need to know what I should be doing here. I took the rotor off and don’t see an obvious place that it is leaking from. Can anyone walk my through what the issue might be?

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How long has the open primary been on the bike? I have read a couple of posts how the stator coils will retain some oil after the open primary is installed it slowly seeps out. Clean it up and see if it happens again. Or if the open primary has been on a long time,Sousa is probably correct. It isn’t that hard to replace.


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Say it's a sitter and the oil is in the crankcase... if the bag is empty. Say GDOG is throwing that variable out there. Now say you wipe it off and see nothing. Just let it sit there and do nothing. You wiped it and if say there is or is not oil in the c/c, that seal is going to leak no matter what.

Say it's a dry primary... then that seal is obvious.


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I will do a quick how to on the crank seal replacement, its very straight forward.
1. Remove your primary including the motor plate
2. Remove stator
3. Remove the crank seal with a seal puller or screw a sheet metal screw into the metal part of the seal and pull on the screws with pliers to remove the seal.
4. Put blue loctite around mating surface of the new seal
5. Install new seal, be sure it is seated properly. I used PVC pipe ID was a bit smaller than OD of seal to seat it. Sorry cannot remember diameter, it has been a couple years.
6 Reinstall your stator, and primary.
Here is the part number for the crank seal, they are only a couple bucks.


I rec calling Curtis at WSW as he supplied me seal and spacer when I converted to open BDL belt. He also coached me on the correct instal of the seal as it installs opposite direction from a wet primary.