New K-9 in Town


After several months of persistent searching, traveling, calling, etc, I finally settled on a 2006 K-9 located up in Ohio (the odometer is correct). :D I looked at a lot of nice bikes and thanks to all that submitted their offers to me, but this one checked all the boxes I was really looking for. It had the right combination of paint, condition, mileage, etc. I think this one is as good as it's going to get for what I was looking for.

I'm sure I'm going to have a million questions, but to start....can anyone please tell me the "trick" to removing the right side electrical cover? I removed the left side which was challenging to put back with out scratching it, but I see the right side impossible without removing the front belt guard (and what's the "trick" to that?).

I'm ecstatic to finally be a BDM owner/rider - it was time to step out of the H-D groove and venture into the chopper world. I'm a little late to the game at 61, but as they say...."better late than never!". But I'll be honest though, I do miss the 2001 CVO Wide Glide (red) I sacrificed to secure the K-9. It was a magnificent, museum quality piece with only 850 miles on it and absolutely flawless in every respect. I knew it wasn't something I was going to ride, and I'm at the age I can't be "saving" things anymore so I sacrificed it. I do, however, still retain an original 1998 Wide Glide (Teal/White) which has been with me since new.

Looking forward to putting miles on the new chopper!! :D


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Wow, that is just the test miles. Congrats on the new ride. On the cover, Should be able to shove it around forward just a bit and carefully worm it out.


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Nice bike!!
Your suspicion is correct—to remove the right side cover without scratching it, take off the belt guard. The tabs on the covers are occasionally known to break, so maybe it’s best to clean and lube the rubber grommet before re-inserting. I usually just spit on them.....and try to get a finger under the tab to support it from underneath while rotating/pushing down on the pin. Never broken one yet.