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New Hampshire Bikers Killed

I have been away for a couple weeks and this past weekend I noticed a tragic story that i am sure touches all who ride in some capacity. Seven riders lost their lives this past weekend in a terribly (likely preventable) accident on the east coast. Alot of the details are slow to come out and to make things worse, the latest story on yahell indicated they can't find the driver of that truck and trailer anymore. All of those details at this point don't change the ultimate price our fellow riders and their families paid, 7 of 10 in the group were killed.

I logged in to see if the folks on this forum were interested in doing something for the surviving members. I know everyone is busy and i am not trying to create a $hitpot of work for somebody, but donations by the masses could be really effective and lesson the burden as the folks put the pieces of their lives back together.

If somebody know how to put something like that together that could ultimately help the surviving members' families, or if it already exists, I would be interested in helping with a contribution


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I 'm a member of the Patriot Riders of America -Maine Chapter One. This story has hit hard for us in NH and Maine ( I live in NH, on the boarder of Maine, and the Maine chapter is closer for me then the NH one.) . We do a lot of the same charity work as they do. Just a great group of guys.

We've done a lot of rides with the Jarheads MC. They are always there for support. One of the members killed lives in the town next to me. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

Just a few minutes ago the driver of the truck was charged with 7 counts of manslaughter.
Thanks for the update brother- The older we all get the more we appreciate and understand the impacts something like this can have on families...communities etc.. Losing people who contribute positively to a society and bring good to those who have been 'stuck in bad" through philanthropy, volunteerism, charity, or just love.. Sucks.

These warriors who pledged to protect and serve their country and communities in hostile times and in peace, deserved a better ending than this.

Our hearts and the hearts of many others from around the country mourn the loss of the fallen riders and wish for a speedy recovery for those who survived.

Keep the wheels upright and be safe



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a needless tragedy, but in times like this the good in people comes out, especially in the biker and veteran communities. I live only a few minutes from the accident site, this is the stretch of road I ride often,normally a scenic country road. I was there today to pay my respects and view the memorial, it is amazing how many people come by, in the 5 minutes I was there at least a dozen people stopped. The picture I attached does not do justice to the multitude of american flags and such placed at the site. a memorial ride is planned for july 6th, local communities across nh and other states will ride to the broken spoke saloon in laconia nh, at noon they will all ride with police escort to the accident site for a memorial service. last tally was about 1,000 people signed up. also the jarheads mc have a gofundme page collecting donations, the generousity is amazing. please pass this info on and show the picture, I feel this is more appropriate than just the pictures of broken bikes.



Thanks for your input and sharing the photo most of us would have never seen.
It is so surreal to see what has become essentially the memory of all the folks who were just out to do what we all love to do. It just sooooo unbelievable and sad.

I hope you are able attend the ride next weekend and please share some photos with all of us too far away(Seattle) to attend.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all our motorcycle riding brothers & sisters, their families and friends as we share in the grieving of the lost.
I will jump on the fund page and make a contribution too.

Thanks Darren

Bob in Seattle