My travels to Arkansas


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Heading out now for the party. Leaving ahead of time to avoid a 4-day rain on the east coast. Would like to make Oswego, NY tonight. If any one around while I am traveling maybe we can meet up. Will keep you post as to20210914_125441.jpg where I am.


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Looks clean now.....that will last for about today. Haha

See ya in a week or so. Living the dream right there! Couple weeks on the road with that wind therapy, just crushing some miles! Hopefully weather holds out, rain sucks.

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Made it to Findlay, Ohio yesterday. Planning on being near Bloomington, IL for tonight. Will be traveling RT. 224 to 24 to 25 to 9 to 54 to 136. Looks like a nice ride heading across. If any owners want to meet up along here call me 978-467-3422.
If you're riding down the Hoosier Heartland (s.r. 25) from Logansport , through Delphi and Lafayette I'll have to look out the back door for you.


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Safe riding, if you do 80/90 Indiana Toll road I'm 1.5 miles north and 3 miles east of exit 107 .

Just me and the gold fish here , plenty of room and food , beer :) .
Chong I am just doing back roads, they are more fun and less stressful. I get to look around at this great country, there is a lot to see traveling the back roads of America. Do not know who said it first, but it is true. Had the opportunity to meet 2-Dog owners and neither were on the forum. Told them to get on.