My 2003 bigdog chopper with 8thousand miles on it i just bought felt like something was skipping when i got on it. Not even really pounding it.

Took it apart and cant really see anything wrong. Clutch looks good. Took transmission out and took apart. Everything seems to be ok. Anyone run into this??


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Look @ ur rear pulley. If its worn, it can "skip". Sharp squared off teeth on the pulley and it needs replaced or SuperMax'd.
Oil looked good as well as adjustment. Motor sprocket was not worn or clutch sprocket. In fact it all looks brand new. I'm going to sell complete left side and run an open primary.


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How does that happen, said the young lad.
I heard the chain whaa-whaa over the exhaust he was so mad.
Time is the wear of that one time is over and over.
200 wide, see the cashier, Mr. Sober.

IF: says the disclaimer. If you do not ride it, but roll the static from one starting point is the belt assembly. Remove belt, start engine, is the noise still there kind of guess is the guess times HMAN's ears.

Because that's where I was going, if I knew my tick over of the link-to-sprocket who cares the 3. Prop the rear wheel off the ground, go sushi, and hand roll the rear wheel is say we grab a pie cut, go back and forth, where that pie ends, grab the next pie, go back and forth. One caveat, which is to say, too bad, but say we are over 60 360° times the roll; before the kink to kink comes around and there is the skip?

And if it is [what HMAN has pointed out], we are looking at replacing the 3 as a set. You don't change one sock and use the old. You don't wipe half your ass. You don't cum and leave her hanging kind of looking for trouble, you, you, stinky asswipe of a dick... treat a bike like that!

I knew exactly what parts it took to order; when the circlip snapped on a 4-by on a transfer case. I was cranking out so many on the rebuild, as the rest of the dealers were experiencing the same thing. A GM bulletin comes out: 'We are receiving customer complaints about noise under the floorboards after a transfer case rebuild'. 'Mark the chain to gear tooth when reassembling the case'... paraphrased.

Used guys do not get it. Time after time you do not time it when changing a tire...

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I agree I should have done alot more testing before I tore it apart but was going to sell the left side drive anyway to run an open primary and could have swore skip felt like it was in the trans. Now that I have trans apart I'll take it to local shop and see if they see something I dont!