Lost key. Locksmith or new ignition. 2006 big dog mastiff.


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Hey guys just found out there is no keys to the motorcycle this morning and am wondering if my best bet is getting a new ignition and key on ebay and hoping for the best or hoping to find a trustworthy locksmith in nevada. 2006 big dog mastiff thanks alot.


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Check with Bigdogpartsking, same as Donna and Derek. They should have the keys and ignition that you need



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If you remember the key number it makes it easier to track one down. If you have that give Josh a call at Gateway Big Dog ( Ross Bike Parts) 314 291-6333 he sometimes have extras from change overs. Tell him Steve B. with 03chopper sent you. It is not that costly or hard to change over the ignition.


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Yes that is a plug and play ignition switch. I would buy that in case your ignition is the original as some get loose over time and the key will fall out


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There are many threads on batteries—bottom line: These systems need a strong battery that is kept charged. Of course there will be some outlier who get 5 years out of one battery, but the guys here will overwhelmingly advise that many electrical problems with these bikes are related to a weak battery.
You can buy a $200 Braille, or do what Blacktopper does—he buys a new HD battery every spring.
Happy riding on your legacy bike. Your Dad would be proud!