Looking for Jacket

Energy One


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Do as I said before, pick a new leather jacket online of your liking and contact Donna for BG patches, that way you can style it exactly how you want it in a jacket that fits you perfectly...

demon dog

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I've got an extra original 2x big dog leather jacket that I could part with. I personally think they run a little small but that's just my fat ass opinion...lol


I have one just like the one, demon dog posted, in a XXL. I think I wore it twice. It has the zip out liner


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Thanks for posting pics...i got 4 of them...i thought it was one of those new leather jackets they where selling last year...someone will buy it im sure...i love those jackets u posted they are good jackets


The Milwaukee Thinsulate jackets run on the small side. I have a XL, really need a XXL.