Learning to be more helpful

Hey folks

While some out there hate us, you can't please everyone all of the time, those of you out there that support WSW and appreciate the service we provide can help us out from time to time by letting us know what you like, dislike etc about our web site, our service etc. We can't guarantee that your ideas will get implemented or how quickly the change will occur but we will make every effort to better ourselves, our service and our web site in order to provide the best service we can to you our customers.

As an example that is not helpful we offer the following:

Your site blows

Call me I can't place an order on your site. My # is


No Service

I canceled my order because you didn't contact me with a tracking number. I still need the parts and when I get them I'll send your payment.


A low order fee is uncalled for.

The above is in no way helpful folks.
We didn't make these up. They are real messages from our web site contact form. There are a few others as well but I didn't start this thread to be negative or bash on folks.
"Sounds like you need to improve your customer service" you say. Well normally I would say your absolutely right but then explain the hundreds of other customers that get on the site, contact us via phone and email everyday and get what they need. I am in no way saying we can't improve. I am in now way saying we never have issues. What I am saying is we can only improve based on constructive criticism and help.
We're not Amazon, WalMart etc. We're a small company working seven days a week to set up services and provide parts for a motorcycle that is no longer made. We don't have investors, we're not trust fund babies with spare cash. Things come hard and slow for us in this economy.
We welcome all intelligent, positive feedback to help us better serve everyone but if you approach us in the above fashion, or similar, I can pretty much guarantee you that we're not going to respond. Yes I know, "well then you won't get my money". This is to let everyone know, we don't just do this for the money. Getting your money out of your hands is not our primary mission.
Help us help you by giving us positive feedback that we can actually respond to and make an effort to resolve.

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You don't have to explain anything to any of us that have been around here for any length of time in my case 10 yrs. Your efforts to keep us in parts and information has kept hundreds of us up an running when Big Dog went down. You continue now with outstanding sales an service when we need help. Don't change a thing at WSW all of us that know appreciate your hard work.



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I have ordered from your site quite a few times. Parts are easy to find, I pay for them then they show up a few days later, just as expected. Planning on doing some major work to my bike in the near future and will drive from Phoenix to get the bike to you. I hope to meet you in person soon. Keep up the great work.

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You've always been good to me and if I had a problem finding something on you site then your always available by email, thanks for everything you do Curtis, like you said, can't please everyone, but as long as you are doing the best you can then nothing else matters, keep up the good work brother! :old2:


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Never had a problem Curtis, everything I ordered came within 3 days great shipping.

Jersey Big Mike

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Well, I've had issue when I've ordered a few things from Curtis, but these were caused by his vendor, not him, not his web site.
More importantly, every time I have had issues and Curtis has gone above and beyond to resolve the issue and make sure I get my Dog back on the road.

Anyone who has issues likely started with an attitude and isn't being realistic to start with.

When I've encountered issue with the site or ordering, Curtis can tell you that I have pointed out what happened and calmly and politely suggest solutions or where the problems may lie.

We have a select few vendors to start with that all do it for the Love of Big Dogs not for the love of money.

If you want to start bashing them, you better re-think it -- not only are you likely to lose options to get parts, but If I know you're one of those assholes, I certainly will not make any effort to help you either in person or on this site!

You got a problem with my brother -- you got a problem with me.

Like the Patch says "Don't start no shit, there won't be no shit"


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Always a big help to me also.
It was a wonderful thing watching you in Lyons Kansas at Derick and Donna's helping all the customers that asked, me included. You knew where everything was almost as well as they did.
We can all learn to be a little more helpful. Doesn't hurt a thing.


Some larger websites have very sophisticated follow up software to provide all sorts of feel good tracking and responses.

Curtis is kind of a one man band that does great work but does not have an on staff webmaster, web designer etc.

He is a good guy that provides an invaluable service to the Big Dog community.

Given half a chance he will come through.

If your expectations are set too high, you might, however be disappointed.