K9 High Intensity Strobe Lite System. A must have for the serious biker


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DM Custom Machine Chromed Billet Aluminum High Intensity Strobe Lite System.
20+ different Strobe Combinations including Solid on. EASY INSTALLATION
Ready to use. Just hook up to 12 Volts from the head light. Turn on the toggle switch and use the buttons to Select all the different effects. Universal Mount. It will fit between the forks of most Motorcycles. Mount on your dash of your auto. Put it on your Snow Mobile, Jeep, 4x4, Sand buggy anything with 12 volts.
May not be legal in some states. Please check if you are concerned. Install time 30 min
This unit is the only one in existence and it's Awesome! I had it on my K9. It fits perfect between the forks and Looks Bad Ass even before you turn it on. Just pick up 12 Volts from your head light. Fully adjustable. Also listed for sale on Ebay
FITS BIG DOG K9--- $447.00 Email or Call Doug 951-315-0367 Lkywolf@aol.com

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Just my opinion, but these bikes as well as a lot of one off bikes,already have the look at me look to them. Don’t need to look like the po-po in a high speed chase. JMO. If you like the lights,get them,more power to you. I like mine just the way it is. I try not to ride at night anyway I hate eating bugs and cleaning bug juice.