K9 from ditch to road again


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Hello all. Love this site as it’s a wealth of knowledge and it has helped me many times. Just sharing my experience and a few picts. Put the dog in the ditch end of last year and have been slowly piecing it back together. Hit some loose gravel on the top side of a curve which pushed the front tire out off the asphalt. Fish-tailed the back off the asphalt then until it came around and flipped into the ditch.
Bent and broke the handlebars and slammed into the tank. Dented the tank on the right side and top after the speedo bracket hit. Tore all the front hand-control wires. Mirrors, blinkers, controls, and other cosmetic damage added up.
But with the help of E-bay, a lot of time, and a painter she’s back in the road. Can’t thank Donna and BigDogPartsKingPin enough, as well as BigDogMotorcycleparts, I couldn’t believe they had all these parts ready to go!
Probably not a big undertaking for some people, but I learned plenty putting it back together.