K-9 in FL

Brent Herridge

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I've never seen a springer seat on a soft-tail. I get it though. Even with a rear suspension, the ride/comfort is what I describe as the biggest compromise with these bikes.

There was a bit of hard-tail VS soft-tail in the 330 Ridgeback thread........I can't imagine a hard tail even staying on the road. How could you even keep it under control when a pothole or RR tracks come up ? I've had mine unintentionally offroad through 2' of water and mud holes you could put your foot into and kept going. (Can't believe I didn't get a picture of it)

Is a hard tail just not that much worse than a mere 3" of rear suspension ?


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The throw up emoji isn’t there so this one will do... that springer seat is absolutely hideous!! The paint is horrible and it’s about 5k over priced... but to each their own. And again jmho... :oldhardlaugh:
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I like the paint job but the seat would need to go and I notice the motor is very dull and grey deft needs some attention there