Inner primary leak???


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This is my 2008 big dog k9, here is what happened, I pulled into a CVS parking lot, with an above average grade, the bottom frame rail hit the flat, I think it bent it up just a hair where the top of the bottom frame rail was rubbing the bottom of the inner primary, I started noticing a leak under my bike, after looking at it, I could see oil between the bottom of the primary and the frame rail.. so I took it all apart, but I cant see a hole in the inner primary cover, but you can see where it was rubbing, do I just weld this up? It has to be coming from here...20200916_010347.jpg20200916_010529.jpg


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Rite-Aid parking lots have more ground clearance, but that's here nor scrape. So I'm going to assume the forks topped out, the rear topped out, and the frame has a V in it, broke or split the case/inner pri... or was this a coincidence a leak started. Reshoot the second photo. Use the macro setup in on the phone. Shoot the first photo farther back so you can see the bike sitting and the drip on the ground is straight up from where the bike sits.