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Way back in the day, OG "Raywood" had the same problem quite often. So he actually split the tank open and added enough metal to increase capacity to a little over 5 gallons. But that didn't really change much, he just ran out of gas a little farther down the road. Miss you, Ray.


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I need to carry more fuel. I didn't expect great gas mileage from my 2007 K9 but I need to get more distance from a tank of gas. With my stock tank my range is about 100 miles. Solutions?
I have the same bike (Carbed) and get 30 mpg give or take. I rarely ride on the highway and most of the time I'm between 2 and 3500 rpm. I get on it occasionally for the rush but not enough to effect the mpg.
If you're Carbed try the S&S adj procedure and see if your mileage/performance improves. Get the extra fuel bottle that Mick uses so you can extend your ride without fear of getting stranded.


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Where did you get your fuel bottle? I have thought about getting one, but have read mixed reviews. Mostly that the bottles leak. Any issues with this?
I got it from Throttle Addiction. I have not had it leak yet. I keep it upright in my bag and tied in to keep it from falling over. Also my tool roll is in there and helps keep it in place. I have only needed it once. But better safe than sorry.

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Both my K-9's when I am running down the road and not just in traffic around town will get 42mph or better.
My EFI bike will get 50 if I run non-ethanol
Carb bike does better on non-ethanol as well.

Both my bikes are mostly stock -- different intake on the carb bike and both with V&H big radius.
My first K-9 also got 42mpg as well (another efi bike)