Im infected with the Big Dog curse

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I have been on the bike for about 30 miles so far two lane twisty roads . The toughest thing so far have been the turns. Any tips on making turns easier? its very different from regular bikes.
Turns take time to master, but the easiest way is to follow some techniques presented in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course where you shift your weight to the opposite side of the bike, allowing you to effectively turn the handlebars more. After mastering that you can add on "accelerating through the turn" another technique MSF talks about. All useful when trying to keep up with other standard bikes riding in a group.


I fell in love at first sight , being new to Big Dogs I have never sat on a K9 and to be honest I was a little intimidated by the looks and design of the bike. When I saw this bike for sale and it was so close to my home I had to go look at it but I told myself you probably wont like the feel of the bike but just go check it out. Show room condition, I am not kidding it looks brand new. 08-K9 Rides like a dream.

She is beautiful and so well balanced when you sit on her. Pictures do not do this Dog justice, at all !!

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Beautiful bike Ernie! I have rode alot of other bikes and the dog is always the most comfortable for me, don't think I will ever ride anything else!