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I want to give a huge thanks to these folks at bigdogpartsking[n,comI'll try to keep this short. While on a Poker Run; I had what I thought was a rock licked and got caught between tire and rear fender since the sound went away in less than 10 yards. I should have stopped & checked but didn't. Turns out it was a bolt out of the rear pulley getting bent and pulled rest of the way out of the hub/pulley. Anyhow continued on and heard what sounded like gravel rattle around inside the rear wheel about 4 miles later and again about 2 miles after that. Both times at 50-60 mph. Pulled over to inspect wheel And noticed the hole on pulley that the one bolt worked out had a pretty substantial gouge running along the pulley face. I checked all the other holes and noticed 2 more bolts had broke off. I should have stayed on the side of the road/waiting for a buddy to go get his trailer but decided to try limping her home Anyhow had gone about 40 miles and was only a mile from home when the engine revved and I lost forward drive as remaining bolts had worked out and the pulley free spun on the wheel spacer.

Last week(10 days ago) ordered new belt. spacers and bearing, thinking that would be all I needed (would get bolts from hardware store. Turns out I needed new hub and brake pads pads also Ordered them on the 31st and decided to get bolts as well. Later on the same afternoon
. That same day I got a text saying parts were shipped. I noticed I had a voice message and a call from an out of state area code. Turns out it was Eric calling to say they were waiting for hubs from the machine shop. Rather than make me wait; they took the hub from a brand new wheel and has bearings pressed in. He had noticed I hadn't ordered bearings and left them in the hub at no charge. So while I wait for those parts to arrive Monday; I'll take the time between now and then to polish rear wheel and pulley so they will match a close as possible with the new hub


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Thanks appreciate your post! I never got a call back so I was wondering if you received it, now I know. Yea bearings are already pressed in, no reason to take them out and it saves you the hassle anyways!

Make sure you RED loctite these back in and anytime one of the bolts loosen up either tighten it or trailer it. If more than one gets loose the rest will break. Same with the hub bolts. Once that pulley does what it did usually the hub is trashed even if you can get the broken bolts out, it eats up the race the pulley needs to sit into. Now I know what happened you should also check your pulley too. Make sure that the bolt holes are not wallowed out, as that is common on loose bolts with the amount of work that pulley needs to do it was just rattling back & forth. There also should be very minimal play, almost none ( North, South, East, West) on the pulley if you just set it on the hub without the bolts on the new hub. If the pulley is damaged you'll be back in the same spot in not too long.


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Great post! HDM Inc. is the Best. And I 100% agree that Eric goes above & beyond to help pretty much anytime by txt & phone. I seem to always need to bug him on a weekend. And he always answers & helps. Gotta love that! Salute to the Gang @HDM Inc. :patriot: :chopper::cheers:


Once again these guys rock!!! Started my dog to go to work last Sunday. About 30 seconds in: I see smoke from under oil filter. Shut her down right away. I smell the tell tail scent of cooked electrical. Ordered a new chrome VR from HDM Tuesday afternoon. It arrived here in Montana today.