How to replace your clutch cable

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Lets see if I can make this quick and painless.

We'll work our way down from the lever.

Reference the thread on swapping your levers to unhook that end and get started.

Be sure to loosen the downtube adjuster to max slack.

Now remove your clutch cable brackets from the downtube. It is possible that your frame has them part of the frame and not seperate polished brackets.

Continue on...

You may have to remove your exhaust to gain access to your front pulley cover and working on it. Like this Ridgeback with a V&H Big Radius Exhaust

Then spin off the clutch rod cover/boot (round with grip dips all around). Sometimes you have to get a hammer to get it off. Simply put 3 or 4 layers of black, rubber electrical tape on those dimples... grab your hammer and a rubber gripped wrench of some kind... give it a hit... lefty loosey.

Like so

Now loosen the jam nut.

Spin out and remove the clutch rod

Then remove the 3 allen bolts holding the pulley cover on.

Leaving this

Now simply remove the actuator cover by removing the 5 small allen bolts

Pull the top plate off the ball ramp assembly

Now remove the ferrule by sliding the cable out of the ramp plate and then remove the cable from the plate.

Remove the balls from the ramp assembly and the lower plate. its a good idea to clean this stuff up while you're here and regrease with some good synthetic grease like Mobil 1

Left with this

Now simply spin the cable end out of the pulley cover

Left with a naked pulley cover (don't mind Seatmakers hole)

Now its time to re-assemble

Spin in the new clutch cable (this will suck)
add some grease to the pulley cover
Put lower ball ramp plate back in the pulley cover where you put the grease
place the balls in the ramp plate
add more grease
slide the cable back thru the upper plate
replace the ferrel
and place that back over the balls
add more grease

put the gasket back on (as shown above)

Now simply put the cover back on with the 5 small allens (consider using blue loctite)

Wipe clean

Now put the pulley cover back on the bike and torque those 3 bolts to 18-20ft lbs

Grease the clutch rod with extra on the rod tip

Slide the clutch rod back in

Screw rod in till you feel it touch the clutch plate
loosen (counter-clockwise) 1/4 turn (some say 1/2 but I've always used 1/4 and bdm says both depending on where you look)

Tighten jam nut with a closed end wrench while holding the allen wrench (and therefor the clutch rod) from turning (loosing the adjustment). Tighten to 6-10ft lbs (will have to use self calibrated hand gauge aka guess).

Now string up your cable thru your downtube brackets and finish up by attaching the new cable to the lever as indicated in the other thread.
And adjust the lever freeplay using the downtube adjuster as indicated as well.

Remount/install your exhaust if you had to.

Test it in the garage or driveway to make sure you didn't screw it up. If all is well, then simply put some blue loctite on the threads of that round clutch rod cover and spin that back on. Give it a couple small hits with the hammer to ensure its on tight (by now I'm sure you're hands are slippery).

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