How far on a full tank...?


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The longest I've ridden mine so far is the 200 miles to get it back home and was able to do that on a single tank of five gallons. 2003 Pitbull. Once I get it running right and up to snuff I'll take a few long trips and see.


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Group riding I hit reserve at 165. I’m quite sure it’ll do better on freeway and riding by myself though.


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Hit reserve (starts sputtering) around 115 in the city... highway about 155.

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Thanks fellas,

Just gauging my trip back from Texas.
I'll mossy likely stop around every 100 miles to gas and stretch.
Been a while since I've taken a long ride ♂

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That is one reason I have a chopper, I get about 40 miles a gallon, and never had a reason to stop otherwise. Stock seat, and no soar butt.

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Depending on who I'm riding with, how we're riding, and whether or not I have a passenger...
Between 130 and 170 miles.
'06 K9.