Help with front brake adjustment sensor.

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I replaced the left and right side control buttons. And now my rear brakes don’t light when I squeeze the front brakes. I was told that the silver tube like sensor. Makes contact to light up magnetically. I was going to the store today to buy a magnet that I can put between the brake lever and see if that triggers the light to come on I need some help or pics maybe it fell off.
Thanks Robert

Mr. Wright

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Did you replace the brake reed switch too? Does yours plug into the back of the pc board,or is it soldered in?
The reed switch is normally open until the magnet closes it. It needs to be adjusted, to when you squeeze the brake lever, the reed switch is about 1/8" away from the magnet.

NC Biker

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Thank You. I just saw your message Thank you. I just got back home and looked at mine. I see a silver magnet. Unless there it a magnet glued on. 34E21195-7CC0-44E0-B97B-DDF6DFE66B16.jpeg