Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It's been a while, I still have the ole dog covered up in the garage.
We have so much to be thankful for, I myself have had good friends that the covid got, some taken quickly, but a really close friend several months. He was a mentor to me, and a friend I could call anytime day or night and he would come running. He had a close relationship with Jesus as well, I knew Him most of all my life, and that relationship was always part of who He was in everything He did.

You all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving,
God Bless you all,
Ray ,, :)


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Happy Thanksgiving all! Hope everyone has a great day & gets to enjoy it! Not sure why Harry said don't eat too much? I don't know if that's actually possible today....

Hopefully it's warmer where you are. Coldest day of the week is today not even going to hit 50 then back into the 60's tomorrow. Texas is kinda cold too, I checked....