Happy Birthday KaptinAmerika


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Multiple, Long time Big Dog Owner and Big Dog parts supplier is having another blowout birthday working in his facility taking care of our wants and needs.

Gotta be, about 32 now? haha, whatever it is the best is yet to come

Curtis, Love Ya Brother!!

A 'lil about Wild Steed Worx, The Kaptains passion:

Founded in 2010 Wild Steed Worx is a culmination of many years riding and wrenching on various bikes and cars and an intense passion for the Big Dog Motorcycle.

Our focus and mission is to help keep Big Dog Motorcycle owners on two wheels and rolling with the latest in parts and accessories available for Big Dogs.

Having started in a two car garage we have grown to our current 2400sqft shop that now gives us the ability to service, repair, provide parts and custom fabricate for Big Dog Motorcycles and their owners.

We have a full bike service bay area, an electrical shop, a starter/transmission service shop, paint shop and a CNC metal fabrication shop.

Stay tuned because were only just getting started.




That's why the worx on siesta (order coming soon), Happy Birthday Cap! Without you, most us novice BDB guys would be FUBAR!

Thank you for supplying the Big Dog passion, and best wishes to you and yours!


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YES ANOTHER YEAR PASS , and the smarter you get. The knowledge you have passed along to many of us, as made those years pay off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!