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Question it appears there is a oil catch can with a little filter on it im assuming needs to be drained once and a while. Looking at it a little closer noticed it was only attached to rear head. I was going to ask if should T into hose and attach to front head also but i pulled plugs they look perfect no signs of burning oil. They probably have 2500 or so miles. Bike runs GREAT and as Sven has said if it aint broke dont fix it. I did put a bore scop down and looked at the top of the pistons there is buildup on them bike has close to fourteen thousand miles on it ive only owned it about a year and 2500ish miles. So is there any fuel additive that anybody recomends that may clean valnes and some of the build up on pistons



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Im betting its a EPA leftover...
There are foks that will chime in about the additives so...some have mentioned Seafoam with good results.
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Must have some kind of aftermarket air cleaner setup. Not sure where the front hose goes, but that setup on the 117 front head sucks rear head blows so no catch can really needed on the front but you can T in if you want.

Whatever you decide is just purely cosmetic

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What Th3 said. The questions are, is the oil catcher filling up way too much or is normal... does my oil bag show solid oil return or half air, half oil, where the surface of the oil is mixed with air bubbles. Where I'm having a weep on the cover splits on the non-plumbed side as opposed to the single feed off the head and that looks drier. Or zero weep at both heads. Zero weep at the unplumbed head says, no problem found. No need for cosmetic changes.

The additives in Shell or Chevron can clean the intake valves off some. Cheap gas like costco will buildup on the valve and the other [treated] gasolines will wash most of it off. As far as carbon on the piston, that black soot was a liquid at one point. So it's sort of looking at a seasoned cast iron pan surface, only drier looking.

Chevron techron products used with fill ups.

Short of going old style by tearing the engine down to 'decoke,' then it's back to plumbing in a jet nozzle at the carb or pushed thru the air cleaner pleat; is to spray plain old water into the chamber and steam clean the carbon off the whole head and piston dome that way.


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That catch can is completely unnecessary. Eric is right. The front breather sucks, but the rear blows only under rare circumstances, like a collection of unburnt fumes igniting in the crankcase. Even this situation is highly unlikely because the vacuum would suck any fumes out before it built up enough to ignite, but you still have to allow for that possibility. I can't tell from the pictures, but there should be a one way check valve in the rear breather. It stays shut almost always because of the vacuum from the front breather. Make sure it is in there. Without it, the system isn't working the way it was designed, and it will cause a major intake leak. If everything is in place, you can throw that catch can in the garbage. Hook the breather to the ac if it has a breather hook up. If not, it can just be routed to the ground. Very little, if any, oil will ever come out of that breather line.


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Ok Thanks you guys for info. It does have one way valve in the hose. I will just leave alone for now. Love this bike my first BD.