Fork Tube Nut size


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Anyone know the size of the fork tube cap nut. The one on the top of the triple tree? Well actually there are two, one for each fork. This would be for a 2005 Chopper.


Fork nut size.

The nut that is on top of the fork tubes are 1 3/8. Use a blue shop paper towel between the socket and nut to avoid scratching the triple tree.:up:

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I like carrying a toolset with me in the swingarm bag but a 1 3/8" combination wrench is too long to fit.
A locking adjustable wrench might work but with any open ended wrench you only get "grip" on two sides.
A 1 3/8" socket wouldn't have room for both that and a 3/4" drive.
The best answer I found was a 1 3/8" combination wrench - saw off the open ended side at whatever length will no longer fit in the tool bag - include a pipe section in the tool bag to put over the cutoff side of the wrench for added leverage.