Fork Servicing - Powder Coating


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Hello All: Just wanted to share a success story. Not sure if it shows up in a "signature," but I have a 2000 Vintage Sport. I am away from home (and my tools) and had a fork seal leak. I decided to have KickAZ Cycles, a local shop in Chandler, AZ, service the forks. The chrome on my forks was flaking off in both small flakes and small "sheets." Hugo Robles, the shop owner, suggested I have them powder coated. I agreed, and for $125, I think they turned out great! Also, (hope this follows forum rules) want to extend a "shout out" to KickAZ Cycles. They kept in touch with me on progress, sourced out parts and were very fair on pricing. Very pleased with Rod's (Chief Technician) work on my bike.