For all you single guys out there....


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Maybe I take it for a test run... and let you know -- strictly for scientific purposes, I can assure you! Ok maybe for a riding friend to ride bitch...

I tried a few on-line sites: Tinder, Bumble a complete waste of time; although I did get many hits, conversations and meetups...
Kind of a ego trip with scores of girls liken' you and hitting you up. They never look like their pictures, make it seem like a job interview, flake out more than half the time; but worst of all it takes soooo looooong to connect in person.

Nothing like a Sunday ride and the girls just seem to come around and the magic happens in seconds whether at the gas station, fast food or some place on the PCH... :sex:
Life happens to Fat on his Chopper! :chopper:
If I had to explain it -- you wouldn't understand... :patriot: