Floorboards & BD tool roll installed

Steven Proctor

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Good evening fellow Riders. Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. I just got my Kuryakyn Kenetic floorboards installed. The wife got me 2 sets for Christmas - his & hers. The definitely help with comfort and road vibration. The foot to each floorboard was more narrow and not quite as long than the BD pegs. So there was to much gap front 2 back and side to side in the clevis. I had an insert made and used some washers to fill the left over gap. These are nice due to having the availability to adjust to fwd, middle and aft on the horizontal plane. Additionally, you can rotate the boards on the vertical plane. The little clear squares I placed on the inside of the insert to add some softness and take of some of the residuals gap left over between the foot and the back of the clevis. Just thought I would share.