Exhaust Nuts

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Does anyone use loctite on their exhaust nuts. I have to Tighten mine quite often but didn't know if loctite is recommended. Also, is it best to Tighten the nuts with exhaust hot or cold. Yes, I'm prepared for a nice burn if I thought the nuts would stay tight.
Thanks...that's basically what I've been doing. Mine just seem to loosen up more often than I thought they should. I'm using the newer metal infused exhaust Gaskets now. It's guess it's possible that they compress and loosen a little after initial installation and use. I'm probably not getting them as tight as specs call for because I'm reluctant to overtighten and strip the stud.


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I would rather have them loose than to tight. ;). Might want to check your exhaust pipe mounts and also the clamps if your pipes have them. If they are loose it will give and probably help loosen the exhaust nuts. Juat a thought. Disclaimer: I'm definitely not a mechanic, just ride the learning curve alot.
I have a new mount bracket, but I've never thought to check the clamps. Good idea, thanks. I've had alot of different issues over the last year, kinda one thing after another but everything seems to be working great now with only a few tweaks left to do. I'm doing a detailed cleaning/polish/wax, that's why I had the pipes off. It's looking great...probably 15 hours already and only half finished. I'm taking it to Gatlinburg next month to do some riding with my girlfriend. Appreciate the ideas as always.


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On my K9 I start all the bolts and nuts on manifolds and mounts, then sequentially snug them to ’share the error term’ that can happen if cinching them down tight one at a time (think torque sequence). Then torque of couse. No loctite in sight for this job.
I had a Road King that liked to loosen exhaust manifold bolts, so I just used a second bolt as a lock nut. Problem solved.