EMERGENCY TIRE any advice?


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Hey. Got about 800 miles on the wolf out of town and picked up a screw in my new tire. No one makes the tire anymore. I saw vee rubbers 200/40/20 but I can't find any in the USA. Has any one run a car tire or got one to fit the wolfs ? Going dark aide is fine. But I'd prefer not to ride back home on a plugged tire. If I can find anything that fits at all I might be able to even finish this trip.


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why not just put a tube in the tire, would that not work.


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Hey ive plugged them also like Mr Wright has...runned them to the end...when u get a new tire try " ride on tire sealant"....ive used it and it works..it also balances ur tire also...u can get it on amazon or ebay either one...im telling u it works...check it out on youtube...


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You could put a boot in it, patched from the inside. Lots of tire service shops won't do plugs for liability reasons but will do a boot.


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If you go with the plug route getting the kit with the gun would be beneficial,akes it easier to set the plug if you don't already have it. It runs about $40 but considering your situation you can't buy a tire so that will have to do for now.

Clean it up real good, add in a little rubber cement and it will last no problem.

After that you'll have to get with Derrick and Donna on their updated wolf rear wheel conversion. Your gonna need a new wheel obviously so you can buy a tire. It's in this thread they just changed it up for the better.


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Rope style tire plugs are the way to go. Fix on the road. No tire removal, no problem running at high speeds (wink-wink), no need to replace if it holds air after repair, you can play it out to the end of the tire's life.