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Let me tell ya. People may wonder why I give him so much praise and constantly link his site everywhere I go on the net. Well boys and girl listen up to learn why.

I have a pair of glasses I purchased from him some time ago. Well they had some scratches from falling off my head. The frames have lost their grab, if you will. Well I asked Don about it, with the mindset of buying a new set. Nearly mins after I click send on the email. I get a new pair at my door stop. Before I could speak to him about payment, warrenty, anything. Even sent me a present with them.

I tell ya... the man might not be the prettiest but he sure is all aces in my book! But he is also a Rider that takes care of Riders!

What do you need? Is it motorcycle related? Do you think others may need it too? If so, Don will carry it. Further, he'll sell it for under retail and offer service second to NOBODY!

Frequent the site!

Pass it along!

ValueTeck Has Doc Bailey's,Transition Riding Glasses,ROK Straps,The BatteryMinder and More @ ValueTeck. Your Motorcycle Specialty Store. $2.95 Shipping Continues


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Yup Yup:2thumbs: He's kinda pretty in a sorta different way could just be bad lighting:roll::roll:

Chopper Dave

Yep Yep! Don's good people! :cheers:
Don...I am going to order a pair of those transition glasses probably next week!!:whoop: thanks again for all the things you do for everyone!:2thumbs::cheers:

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Damn, I'm becoming a legend in my own mind.:lol: Thanks for all your support guys!:2thumbs:


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Don did me right, quick couteous service and the personal touch of a hand written thank you note with the order. Little things like that mean a lot to me these days. So many other businesses are totally impersonal. :up:


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KnotSo Digging up some old threads today. It's Icey in Dallas so I'm reading them! haah

But I dog agree Don is the man we have some real good people on this forum. That is both the retailers as well as just the folks that want to ride!

I try and Order from Forum vendors/Sponsors as much as possible. I know it takes a lot of work to keep our bikes on the ride and I want to make sure those guys stick around years down the road for us to use!