Does your wife know the cost of the parts you keep ordering???

King Lear

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My wife agreed to the open belt drive today because we had been discussing it since August when I got the bike and now they are all completely out of production and out of stock! At least I'm getting the seat redone! In her defense, I bought the bike in August and have already done the Air Cleaner, V&H exhaust, spare seat, mirrors, foot pegs and a 1500lb chopper lift. So I guess I cant bitch too much


I am on second wife and no.2 says if any more expensive bits turn up I might be looking for no.2. I told her the parts were quite reasonable and it was shipping and the UK import duty that f@@cked the price. Anyhow I am due for a trade in for a later model !!!!!


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My wife’s the manager at our bank and we use bank card for everything. So she knows even when I just stop for a soda . It will pops up on her computer.
We’ve had the same checking account for 37 years and if I ever signed a check they would probably sent it back as a fictitious signature LOL.
Back before we had direct deposit at work I Would bring my check home lay it on the counter and never even open the envelope and Deb/the wife would open it Forge my signature and deposit it.
One time they gave me a $2.00 an hour raise at work and seeing as I never checked my check I went eight months without realizing they hadn’t put it on there. The HR lady at work caught it ( bless her heart ) That made for a really nice catch-up check 8 months later.
It took them about three weeks to figure it out and get a check made for me because they had to calculate all the overtime and vacation time etc. etc.
I’ve got to say though Deb lets me buy whatever I want.
( Well I probably couldn’t buy a hooker )
She might get a little bit out of shape about that.
She is definitely a keeper. We’ve been together over 40 years now


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Perhaps it was the situation of going thru a divorce, but on the 2nd marriage I made the decision to keep separate bank accounts. This is not to say we don't discuss major purchases or perhaps better put, I "float" the idea repeatedly as in the instance when I bought the 2006 K9 in March of that year. I repeatedly mentioned I was thinking about buying a "chopper". Then on that day in March we exchanged our how was your day, what did you do today, etc., when I said, "oh, by the way, Steel Customs is delivering my new K9 tonight.