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@Mastiff Rider64 , The error code you are receiving is because the EPA limits on the Big Dog ECM (S&S VFI module) have been reached. The original ECM's installed in the Big Dog EFI bikes were LOCKED. I believe S&S can UNLOCK the box for you and reprogram. These ECM's were LOCKED for EPA reasons..... So, if ANY HIGH END modifications have been done to the bike, i.e. Motor, CAM, performance etc....THE ECM will go into LIMP MODE because it is EXCEEDING the allowed LIMITS programmed into the ECM module. An exhaust upgrade or something minor should NOT interfere, but can. Also, a failed O2 sensor would do the same to the LOCKED module.

I will PM you pictures and do a video of the complete 2010 bike I have with commentary for you.
Thank you. The only mod on the bagger is supertrapp slip ons. Other than that its stock. Mr Wright on here told me if the fuel pump was going out and not supplying the right amount of gas needed based on throttle positioning that the VFI would think the max limit was reached and throw a fault. Thats why i ordered a new fuel pump and other things from Curtis last week. But any thing you can offer on the bagger i will greatly appreciate.


We are slowing down a bit, so....I haven't done any videos in awhile....did I miss something-hahahaha? I have a bunch of Big Dog bikes here at my disposal, from vintage 1998 through Baggers, Carb and there something/anything you would like videoed? Let me know....the most requested item will be done first....but will do our best to video what you need......just let me know and Curt and I will do the best to accommodate......

Love all you guys and the support...

Let me know....


Hi ....a step by step vid of changing a TP rocker head for a S&S unit on a 117 cu engine would be useful Thanks