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I know this doesn't pertain to most of us but it was on CC and thought I'd toss it over here:

The 2 ¼ inch is a new addition to Hitech Products awesome belt drives.

Now you have the option to change front pulleys with five different pulley ratios. You can choose pulley ratios to adapt to your driving habits, smaller pulleys for performance and (higher rpm), and larger pulleys for highway driving (lower rpm) approximately 350 less rpm at 65mph for better fuel economy and engine wear.

The "Trio" is equipped with a third idler pulley for easy maintenance and awesome look. All belt drives come with show quality polish and everything needed to be installed including Barnett Scorpion clutch assembly.

The Trio weights approximately 32.5 lbs complete, and factory FL weights 42 lbs without oil. Available for 1990 and beyond Softail, Dyna Wide Glide, FXR, FLT. The Trio comes complete with standard 1.57 ratio front pulley, and other additional pulley options can be purchased separately. The results are based on a stock 1993 Softail. Your rpm results may very depending on your application, model and drivetrain configuration. Stock 1.57 ratio pulley is include with belt drive purchase...

To order additional pulleys, add your pulley option....
10% Under...1.73 Ratio 300 rpm increase at 65 mph #131048
5% Under.....1.65 Ratio 200 rpm increase at 65 mph #131049
8% Over......1.44 Ratio 275 rpm decrease at 65 mph #131050
12% Over....1.39 Ratio 350 rpm decrease at 65 mph #131051
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There are a few arguments as to expected belt life. The fact that the extra pulley pushes against the back of the belt and the main pulleys push from the inside where its intended to, may cause fractures in the kevelar belt. But then again this type of system works well in car engines with timimg belts.


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Al did you have a choice in choosing primary ratio going over or under on your set up?


Seems like it would be a canidate for a outer support including the idler.

Would be nice to have something available to underdrive our systems just a bit for a little more low end grunt:D

Al did you have a choice in choosing primary ratio going over or under on your set up?
No due to my odd trans offset (1-7/16) they only have 1 front pulley size available. The front pulley is typically what they change. Primo only has 2 belt sizes for the 3 inch wide Brute IV. 47-76 tooth and 49-76 tooth combos.