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Can someone help me out with the right torque specs for my 08 K9? I have looked in the service manual and see two different ones like 45ft. lbs for the rear axel nut and then I see in another section 55 to 65ft lbs. Put antiseize on the axel rod but what color loctite do you use? I dont see that mentioned anywhere.

rear axel nut torque?

color loctite?



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The manual is really good when calling for loctite, if it doesn't list any, don't use any. It also lists the number (like 2470 or whatever) which I finally wrote on the cover of my manual so I didn't have to look it up every damn time :old2: If I remember right when I did mine I split the difference and went 60ftlbs.


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Thank You! I just confirmed that with someone else also. What is weird is there was red on the threads of the axle bolt so I just really wanted to be sure because that manual is goofy.

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Bookmark it. :)