Compu-Fire VR black or chrome?


What Compu-Fire VR are you guys going with, chrome or black? The cases look totally different in that the chrome has no heat sink fins and the black has them. Winter upgrade project. Thanks, Kurt


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All have cooling fins.

Some parts you want to feature, others you want to blend into the background. Guys have a lot of trouble discerning this. IMO a VR is not a part to feature

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Call wsw order black one Curtis had mine all set up just had it insert in the heat wrap took about 20 minutes added a couple of zip ties and done cost $100. And it’s the right one just make sure you talk to Curtis because some of the dogs were wired different mine was one of them Curtis squared me away and no problems. It was super easy


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Just make sure you follow the directions and you will have no problem.

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